Free Course on ChatGPT for Small Biz Owners!πŸ’₯

Grant Sparks πŸ’₯

The world is changing fast, and AI is here!

From Dall-E, to Midjourney, to Voice AI, and now ChatGPT (and Microsoft's AI, and Google's Bard, and so much more) - AI has arrived and is available to help small business owners improve their business.

Following is our introduction to ChatGPT for Small Business Owners!

We at State of the Spark and Spark Sites have not only spent the last 12 years serving and coaching business owners, we have also spent time building our own businesses. The following lessons are an overview on you can start using ChatGPT right away to improve your businesses.

How this course is laid out. πŸ‘‡

FREE: An Overview of ChatGPT to get you started! This is the context you need to understand a.) how it works, and b.) how to start using it for yourself in small ways.

$30 ONE-TIME: This second section is a deeper dive of Spark Freedom Framework for small businesses (M.S.P.B.A.ℒ️) and how ChatGPT can be use in each of those areas. At least, how to START using ChatGPT in all those areas of your business.

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In the deep dive, you'll get access to...

The Spark SmBz Freedom Framework
eBook (PDF): ChatGPT Small Business eGuide
Marketing AI w/ ChatGPT
Sales AI w/ ChatGPT
Access to Custom ChatGPT Prompts

Free Course on ChatGPT for Small Biz Owners!πŸ’₯

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